Technology Solutions for Older Adults

Here to Make a Difference

I'm Kevin Cloney

~Frustrated with your technology?

~Need help from someone that knows?

~Can't figure it out? Need help?

~Just want someone to do it for you?

How can I be of service?

A little about me

I started in technology in the early 1980’s with my first computer costing me over $37,000 (An IBM  system 36 mainframe.)

When I started using PC’s I would build them from scratch and install and configure them  for friends and local business. 

My skills advanced more with the introduction of the internet and I started my own business of providing “Technology Solutions.”

I owned Technology Solutions of New Mexico for over 20 years. Helping medical, legal professionals with their technology needs.

As an “older adult” and semi retired I see the need for helping others.

  • I can help by talking you through a problem.
  • I can log in remotely, with your authorization, and fix your issue.
  • I can even go onsite if needed.

The choice is yours.