Kevin Cloney

Here to Make a Difference

UX UI Design Skills

Visual Design & Software

Trained in the use of the dominate design programs Figma and Adobe XD. In addition I have skills in WordPress, Elementor.

High Fidelity Prototypes, Mockups

Skilled in creating prototypes. Making a sample or simulation of a final product used to test and gather feedback. Low-fidelity prototypes might be sketched on paper or created digitaly however they don't allow for user interaction. High-fidelity prototypes are typically computer-based and allow for mouse and keyboard interaction.

Wireframing, User Flows

Wireframe: A web page layout stripped of visual design used to prioritize page elements based on user needs User flow: A diagram that maps out each step a user takes when using a product or service

“Skills make dreams happen. They build economies. They make people rich and famous. In today’s world, the demands for skills are staggering. Government, business and individuals have too much to achieve, their goals are huge. They are constantly, and I do mean constantly, looking for people with the right skills. People that can get the job done.”
Emi Iyalla


I love to facilitate design sprints. Sprints are an intense 5-day process where user-centered teams tackle design problems. Working with stakeholders, designers, engineers and PM as a team we ideate, prototype and test solutions on selected users. Using Google’s design sprint framework I enjoy the process of mapping out challenges, exploring solutions, finally picking the best ones, then creating a prototyping and testing it.

Collaboration and Presentation

As a UX designer, you’ll be collaborating with other teams on a regular basis. Depending on the project and phase of development, you might work with leadership to define business goals, user interface (UI) designers to add visual elements to a mockup or high-fidelity prototype, or developers to translate your designs into code.

Prioritization & Time Management

Companies are often looking for UX designers who can manage their time and prioritize tasks to address the most critical needs first. Someone who might be working on multiple projects (or multiple parts of the same project) over the course of a day. I was trained by FranklinCovey (The world's most trusted leadership company) and practice staying organized and flexible.