Today is Father’s Day which used to be a day when I would enjoy the attention of the kids and grandkids. But today is different, today it is quiet and reflective. It has been a few years since my separation and a desire to travel a different path. In life we all make choices and this was mine. There are good days and bad days with the emotions and the energy that ebb and flow as a result.

I had an acquaintance that hung a sign over the entrance to their house that read. “All people bring joy to this house, some when they come and some when they go.” I can relate to this sign as I have felt the energy change when someone enters a room. I’m sure you have too!

The Dalai Lama has a quote that I love to recite to myself when the outcomes of an activity do not produce the positive results that I expected; “If you lose the lesson, don’t lose the lesson.” What this means to me is that all life produces results or outcomes, not always what I want, but always with a valuable lesson.

We all have high expectations that our lives will become progressively better. But in fact sometimes we have set-backs that hurt physically, mentally, or emotionally. At these times we feel down and ask what went wrong. Life just had a different lesson for us to learn to gain growth and maturity.

Perseverance to me always seemed to be a negative word along the line of persecution or having to endure pain in pushing forward against the odds, staying the course, hanging on after all others have already quit. Assuming that with perseverance I would succeed regardless. Now I understand that perseverance is more about following YOUR course and pursuing your desires.

I have a friend who asked why airplanes always launch into the wind versus with the wind. The answer is found in Bernoulli’s law in that the resistance on the wind traveling over the wing actually helps the plane gain altitude more effectively.

It is said that commercial airliners, using their cruise control are “off course” nearly ninety percent of their flight and yet they always land at their destination. If so, why are we concerned when we get off course? The universe continues to provide free guidance if we just listen and learn.

Today I will find the course that I believe to be my destiny. In so doing I understand that not all roads will be the direct path, but that each road is there for a reason.

I will understand that enduring perseverance is my choice and that choice is in my best interest whatever the outcome. There is a power, call it God, Source, or Higher Power, which knows and understands what is best for me and I will accept its results with thanks.



Perseverance Today is Father’s Day which used to be a day when I would enjoy the attention of the kids and grandkids. But today is

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