Kevin Cloney

Here to Make a Difference

Current Books

Visioning Now: Strategies for Creating your Future

Visioning Now - Strategies for creating your destiny. Using templates the reader and benefactor will learn about intent and reality as you continue your journey of life. Each of us has seven domains "roles" that complete us. When any of these are out of balance we bump down the road. By taking the time to stop and change the "tire" you can make your journey more enjoyable. If you have a vision and want clarity Visioning Now is you guide.

Yellow Pad Time

Yellow Pad time is for those who are too busy. Learned by example from his father, Kevin has created a simple "brain start" for those who look for insight and direction but do not know where it can be found.

Quill Reflections: Introspections about Life & Living

Quill Reflections is a collection of observations from life and human behavior. This is the first in a series of insightful books designed to give you pause. Written over years by CTA Certified Life/business coach, Kevin Cloney each story has a lesson to be learned.

It's More Than Hot Air: Stories of Adventures Between Launch and Landings

Unlike other sports, hot air ballooning is a multi-generational sport that everyone from eight to eighty can enjoy. As a spectator, chase crew, observer or passenger your life will never be the same after you first encounter with these gentle gaints of the sky.

What's that Noise? What could it be?

What's that Noise is a light and fun children's book that introduces hot air ballooning to those who have not been associated with these gentle giants of the aviation world. Many people unfamiliar with the sights and sounds of hot air ballooning are surprised as to the arrival of these aircraft dropping in unexpectedly in open fields. Colorful hot air balloons are incorporated in marketing ads nationally and internationally to represent beauty and grace.